In contrast to an authentic original restoration, our approach to a personalized redefinition of a classic takes a different philosophical tack. A philosophy that respects both the client needs and the vehicle’s history. Invisible from the exterior, we create customs vehicles looking like classics. Our clients are brands and private customers. With a wide range of limited edition bikes we can face all kind of requests.

At VonZadig© we essentially work on the development and implementation of custom technologies, ranging from minor modifications made to series-produced motorcycles – through to the development and construction of prototypes and racing cars. Our team will soon engage a “racing division” proving we are now a leading edge company.

On the design, our vehicle conversions are not intended for classic car purists who insist on uncompromising originality for their vehicles. Our vision is to create a vehicle that combines outward originality with the technical means to handle day-to-day use. Guaranteeing a high level of driving pleasure coupled with the safety, efficiency and reliability offered by modern automotive technology, this makes our vehicles truly unique.