How it’s done

How it’s done

1. Research and Concept

We do not produce industrial minded mechanics. All of our projects are inspired by authenticity and every part we create is based on a design we keep confidential. Although we use computer graphics, every artwork starts with blank paper and a pencil and a long discussion with the designer or client. We usually gather original historic picture references for each project then start to hack. We involve pilots, artists, manufacturers and partners in all of our designs. Hacking the world’s best motorcars needs faith and devotion.

2. Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)

Once the concept is established, we set to work creating a 3D model using computer graphics. Studying every piece of reference material available, our specialist can build a car from scratch or hack an existing model, slowly constructing layer upon layer of detail – even down to the correct number of coats of paint.

Then, the car or the motorcycle is modeled according to the model’s specifications. The preparation takes one week or up to 2 months to complete. We use computers generated imagery because we always strive to depict the car’s authentic condition – including any dirt and damage.

3. Prototyping

With pre-production in place and high detailed images of the concept, we then transfer to the workshop and start manufacturing. This can often last for months, involving crews of up to 10 peoples, depending on the concept. We use professional equipment and work with established partners to ensure the highest production and crafting, and we build parts from scratch using Computer Manufacturing and senior technicians when required.

4. Building your dream

The result is incredible. From a concept we produce artworks with 1:1 resolution. A car or a motorcycle you can drive with to real locations with real people.


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