Dr. Ing. Manfred Von Zadig

Who’s The Doctor Ing. Manfred Von Zadig, the fictional character helping us design vehicles with strong Art Direction?

Dr. Ing. Manfred Von Zadig

The Dr. Ing. Manfred Von Zadig (born 2 May 1893), also known as the “Black Baron”,  is considered the ace-of-aces, being officially credited with more than 800 road racing victories.

Originally a cavalryman, Von Zadig transferred to the Air Service in 1915, becoming one of the first members of the 15 fighter squadron in 1916. He quickly distinguished himself as a fighter pilot, and during 1917 became leader of a lager wing better known as “The Black Circus”. By 1918, Manfred Von Zadig was regarded as a national hero in Belgium, and starts road racing.

More than a story the Doctor Ing. Manfred Von Zadig is a fictional character helping us designs vehicles with strong Art Direction. It’s a briefing for all the people collaborating with us. While our team of engineers and technicians work on the engineering upgrades to comply with regulations and modern needs our Art Directors can Brainstorm in the same way.

We work with a team of designers because our aim is to recycle vehicles in better condition than it was in when it left the production line and we have the skills and techniques to achieve this at the highest caliber. More than reinventing we have with such a team the skills and ability to bring historic and classic cars into the modern world.

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