VonZadig’s creative work is organized in four divisions: Consultancy, Computer Generated Imagery, Rapid Prototyping, and Small Production Facilities.


The main operation of VonZadig for brands and the movie industry is consulting. It includes the following: lead vehicle design for specific events ; livery design for racing divisions ; concept design and mechanical art direction for film production, TV or video games ; concept design for agencies ; design services for car design studios ; keynote presentations and appearances on panels and design juries.

Computer Generated Imagery

Our Studio is a full digital facility that gives us the ability to start creative expertise from scratch. In our Pre-Media & Digital Art department we capture the material we need to start our designing process.

At the VonZadig our flexibility in design extends from 2-D graphics, sketching and ideation to full 3-d computer modelling of parts, concepts and vehicle renderings. We are able to take an idea from sketch and turn it into a fully functional part. An aptitude not limited to the motorcycle arena, but extending throughout the full range of product design, graphics and many other media.

Rapid Prototyping Services

Having a full in-house design capability is essential to delivering not only what the customer wishes to see, but allows us to advance our own ideas and push forward independently with our own parts development and vehicle concepts. Our builders and partners gives us a unique ability to establish ourselves as a leader in design and performance, creating industry trends instead of following or reacting to them. Showing restraint where necessary yet fully able to push the limits of a concept.

Small Production Line

The Limited Edition by VonZadig are a real-world of fantasy set on the industry. With always less than 50 units per model, the concept launched in 2016 with the Balboa is a real success.  Available in different editions, including in full “Tailor Made” the Small Production Line is now a pillar of the business, scheduled to launch in 2018 new exclusive bikes like the Ali. An online store is planned in the near future.


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