Porsche 944 VZ1

This car is a tribute to Kremer Racing. The big boy’s club is a motorsports team based in Cologne, Germany, founded by racing driver Erwin Kremer and his brother Manfred. They have competed internationally with Porsches for nearly all of their existence, and were even one of the factory-backed squads for many years. Besides running Porsches, the team was also known for their tuned Porsche race cars that they both raced and sold to other teams who could not gain the best equipment from the factory.

In the 1970s, Kremer initially tuned 911s, 914-6 GTs, 962 and 934s. However, with the Porsche 935, Kremer began designating their tuned models with the letter K, followed by a number in order of construction. Eight cars were designated as such… but they never worked on the 944.

The starting point of this project was “What if Kremer had improved a version of the 944 for use in the International Sports Racing Series and 24 Hours of Le Mans?”

The VZ1 was born.