One of the best driving moment in history was led by Jean-Pierre Nicolas and the 911 Carrera RS 3.0. He won the Monte Carlo 1978 race with a lead of two minutes.

Forty years later, we had the luck to find an original and period correct Porsche 911 Group 4. This particular 911 was purchased from a Porsche collector in La Rochelle, France, who raced the car in the early 80’s.

Following acquisition, no expense was spared in the car’s restoration; mechanical parts were renewed wherever necessary to make it 100% ready racing, while the body was restored a particular attention was given to keep the patina and all the period correct elements. By respect for the Almeras Brothers, we decided not to clone one of their car and choose the Lucky Strike livery used by M.PEREZ & J.J.ALONSO during the RALLY GRAN CANARIA 1986.

The car was build by the owner at the limit oft the FIA Group 4 specification, featuring Type 930 Turbo brakes, fuel injected high-compression 930-10 engine, single ignition, 915 rally-ratio gearbox, 8:35 final drive, and a limited-slip (55%) differential.

After inspection by the ASAF Specialists in Belgium (Racing Regulations) and due to perfect concordance with the FIA Homologation Form, the car got back a “Yellow Book” and is now race ready again. Fully overhauled and prepared by Porsche specialist AR-Sport in France, the engine is currently rebuild and inspected by PROMECA. Suspensions will be upgraded from torsion bars to period correct coil-overs. And the fuel system will be secured according FIA annex K.