Agressive stance with Group 5 inspired styling, traditional but aggressive body silhouette, Rex is a game changer, a timeless reinvented racing car ready to hit the streets. Full carbon fiber bodykit and lightweight chassis, tailored racing leather interior and authentic instruments, our skilled craftsmanship is going to deserves a tribute to Frank Stella’s BMW. Fully dressed in black and white with an innovative body, this leading edge redesign of a classic car guarantees solid presence on the road.

On the engine side, the ported 3.5l bi-turbo sourced from Alpina ranks among the most collectibles engines in the world. Its tremendous power coupled with a manual 5 gearbox is characteristic of the 1970’s and sound signature for us. Don’t expect comfort or switches to decrease the power. It’s all about abuse. We’re not building a car. We’re building a beast.

Donor Car – BMW E9 2800CS 1970 // Donor Engine  – ALPINA B10 BiTurbo – Will be approx 500 HP @ 7000 rpm & 550NM @ 5500 rpm // KMS Fuel Injection system // VonZadig© Custom Carbon Fiber Body Kit // Custom Made Mad’In Wheels 16″x12″ Front and 16″x14″ Rear // Tires Corsa Classic from Pirelli // 5 speed manual reinforced gearbox // Dry single plate racing clutch // Custom exhaust  // VonZadig© Custom Bucket seats & Harness  // And more.