"Speed is a poem with an engine" - vonzadig

Von Zadig, 2017
Von Zadig explores the territory of art and shapes in motion by creating a variety of painting, sculptures, cars and motorcycles. As part of his creative process, the artist collect body of race cars, shape parts, create related graphics, colors, and images inspired by speed. The resulting artwork conceived by VonZadig is an evocation of power, motion and bursting energy. The powerful exterior design of the cars gives the sculptures a dynamic appearance even when it‟s standing still. As a celebration of freedom, all car are raced in official events. Born in 1976 in Belgium, he currently lives and works in Arcachon.


More Information to come soon.
  •   +32 65 39 48 20
  •   Rue de la Poire d'Or 23, 7033 Mons
  •   info@mekadrama.com.


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